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Posted on 2016-11-24 by Author Admin

A garage door without windows often makes the garage dark and dreary and homeowners tend to regret not thinking about installing them when they moved into their new home. Now if you feel that it is time to set your garage right by getting some windows installed in its door, dont rush off to buy some window frames straightaway. You need to be aware of some important factors that affect the functioning of the garage door and the impact on curb appeal of your home due to installation of windows on your garage door.

Factors to Consider for Getting Windows in Your Garage Door

  • Garage Door Make and Model You need to know the size of the windows to fit your garage door. Know about the year of launch of your garage door model, its brand, color, dimensions, its embossing type and other details. If the model is outdated, you may not find windows that fit into it, which means you will need to replace the door to find a model that are designed to allow installation of windows.

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  • Placement of Windows You need to be sure of the reason for adding new windows, whether allowing maximum amount of daylight is most important, being able to look out is important, or a mix of both. Installing windows in the uppermost section of a garage door will allow maximum daylight and privacy. If you want to be able to look out through the windows and privacy is not a big deal, then a section lower down would be better. A two-way mirror type window glass would give your privacy and also allow you to look out as such a mirror doesnt allow outsiders to look in while you are able to look out.
  • Other Windows of Your Home You dont want your garage door windows look odd with regards to the rest of your home. Make sure they match or complement the other windows of your home.
  • Spring System Balance Bear in mind that any spring system of a garage door is designed to support a variance of at most 5% extra than its normal weight. On a 9X7 garage door, adding a row of windows on the top section is most likely to throw its spring system off-balance. You will need to change the spring system in this case. Be particularly careful with this factor when considering installation of windows in your garage door.

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You will need to hire professionals for installing windows on your garage door as it is not advisable to try this with a DIY approach. It is too risky and besides that, why should you bother at all when licensed, highly trained and experienced professionals are available on call? Our technicians can recommend the ideal windows to install on your garage door and make sure you get the convenience of daylight with privacy that you seek. You can call us at any time of the day to schedule a visit by our professionals to measure your garage door for this purpose.

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